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Our team at Nationwide Contractor Learning is trained to provide Contractors with exceptional customer service. Trained by industry expert Angela Ramsay, each of our team members is equipped with valuable knowledge to meet specific needs. We strive to make continuing education a pleasant and easy experience.

Hands on Research

Our team is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and adhering to industry standards.

Detiacted to Your Success

Our team of experts at NCL is committed to providing courses that are high quality and board approved. Each course is designed with the contractor in mind.

Earn Your Certificate

Course navigation is in your control. Complete each course in your own time and receive your certificate immediately.

User Friendly Experience

Our modern design ensures that even the most novice internet user can easily navigate and complete each course.

Responsive Team

Our team is here to help with questions that may arise. Simply give us a call during business hours, or send an email to get help from a live person.

Growing Selection of Courses

NCL is regularly updating the courses that we provide. Check back often for new selections.
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Meet Our Team

Contractor Industry Experts

Angela Ramsay

Lead Instructor

Brendon Ramsay

Human Resources