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Our Instructors - Leading Professionals in Contractor Education Nationwide Contractor Learning

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Where It All Starts

At Nationwide Contractor Learning, we gather all the best talent in the industry to give you the ultimate continued education experience. Every instructor carries valuable experience complemented by thorough training from CEO and lead instructor Angela.
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CEO Angela Ramsay is an experienced Contractor Licensing Specialist with a long history of accomplishments in the industry. She is a Florida-certified alarm contractor and has mastered the requirements for all types of contractor licenses in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Angela uses the experience gathered over the years in license application processing and business services to bring you access to continued education in distance learning. As a lead instructor and professional in her area, she ensures you always meet state requirements and continue work without interruptions.

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With an exceptional background, George has over 30 contractor licenses, including electrical, general contractor, plumbing, roofing, underground utility, fire safety, and more. His knowledge of codes, rules, regulations, and practical field experience makes his legacy inspiring.

As an Electrical Instructor for Mike Holt Enterprises, George is highly certified to provide excellent learning for your continued education.

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Advance your Contractor Career Online.

In a competitive work field, a licensed contractor stands out. Stay ahead of the game with NCL’s Contractor Preparation Courses. We set you up for success.

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Learn anywhere. NCL online courses are designed for distance learning. Our site is easy to navigate so that you can go at your own pace.

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24/7 Access

Download the App and log into your account anytime. Our contractor online classes adapt to your schedule.

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Quality learning with every budget in mind. We provide trustworthy education by professionals without compromising your finances.

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